Boldon James

Boldon James

Business-oriented user data classification 

Ensure the correct process for classifying your data and complying with regulatory requirements 


Boldon James User Data Classification allows your users to assign a visual label to the data they create so that informed decisions can be taken about how it is managed, protected, and shared, both within and outside of your organization.  Boldon James Classifier is a fully customizable solution designed to meet the needs of your business now and in the future.

Key features of user data classification:

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    Visual labels

Classification for all types of files: a set of Microsoft Office programs, Open Office, PDF, archives, pictures, videos, etc.

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    Fine-tuning of the label

Customizable individual tags for departments and specific employees. Your tag type: logo, watermark, font

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    Flexible label management

Single label across all platforms (Sharepoint, OneDrive, Exchange)

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    Smart classification

Help users choose a tag without violating company privacy or automatically according to policies

Data Classification with Boldon James:

  • Helps identify and classify sensitive data

  • Reduces the cost of searching for confidential information and implementing security measures

  • Shows the level of compliance with global, national, and industry regulations regarding data protection and privacy

  • Increases employee engagement and accountability

  • Reduces the number of errors and false positives of the DLP system

  • Builds the correct workflow, and business processes and improves the safety culture of employees

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Merging people and technologies as the basis of company security

Myroslav Bondar, Head of the B1 Department at BAKOTECH, tells how to combine human approaches and mutual integration of technologies to create an effective safety culture. 

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